EVENT IS NOW A TRAILERING EVENT (Morning Check-in Not Required)
Launch from ramp of your choice (1) one time only. No boat should depart from the ramp area of their choice any earlier than 10 minutes prior to their assigned start-time.

TEAM ID will be your take-off number.
This provides a way for teams to be identified for the first 30 minutes of this event.
If a boat threatens your water at the very beginning of start-time, simply ask if they are in  NMTS and if so, have them show their yellow TEAM Card.
NOTE* . No boat has any qiven rights to any water prior to start-time. If two boats of same flight show up at same hole before or at start-time, they simply have to share or work it out, (sportsman-like manner of course).

TEAM ID 1-100
Depart from launch area of choice at 6:50 am.
Begin fishing at 7:00 am
Weigh-in at 3:00 pm

TEAM ID 101-200
Depart from launch area of choice at 7:00 am.
Begin fishing at 7:10 am.
Weigh-in at 3:30 pm

TEAM ID 201 and UP
Depart from launch area of choice at 7:10 am
Begin fishing at 7:20 am
Weigh-in at 4:00 pm

WEIGH-IN ... Arrival Check-in Map.

Check-in Staff will be positioned in Check-in Pontoon. Display yellow card.

Display yellow team card to speed up process to check-in staff.
Trailering teams are to have one member immediately get in back of boat. We will deliver a bag to you. Driver is to remain in vehicle and immediately proceed on through once partner is out of vehicle.

If fishing by yourself notify staff and we will assist you to best of our ability.