EVENT TWO ... April 10, 2016  OFF LIMITS MAP
GRAND LAKE .. Launch Site - Martin Landing
Take-Off Time ... Estimated 6:40 am

April 9th (Sat) - Martin Landing Ramp ...12:00 am til 6:00 pm.
Credit Cards not accepted at the ramp. CASH or CHECK only.
Online Registration will be deactivated at 4:00 pm Saturday.
Non-mandatory meeting, however contestants are held responsible for any announcements. Random generated Takeoff Positions will be established at this time and posted on site and via website as soon as possible afterwards. (6:30 -7:00 pm).
Note* When using browser favorites, be sure and refresh screens to ensure any updates.

(1) Martin Landing Pavillion arrival.
(2) On the water at the check-in boat positioned near exit of Echo Bay beginning 45 minutes prior to Take-Off. On the water check-in requires Team ID cards be displayed and livewells open upon approaching check-in boat.

Afternoon Check-in (On the Water)
Anytime boats check-in by water, contestants are to display their Team ID cards to the check-in boat.

Afternoon Weigh-in
All teams must weigh before trailering.
Once horn is sounded, a team has only 5 minutes to be in weigh-in line. Horn is generally sounded at about 15 minutes past last flight check-in time.